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BlackX - a modern luxury watch

For men and women who follow trends

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Follow the latest trends with this unique watch on your wrist!

Standard hands with watches will go into oblivion once you put a BlackX on your wrist.


The modern watch with a unique design has a completely original way of showing the time. The LED lights on the left side of the case show the hours and the minutes on the right. As time goes on, the lights come on and off.


BlackX is made of high quality material that makes it very strong and durable. It is resistant to shocks, scratches and pressure.


It is suitable for everyday wear. It is waterproof so you don’t have to fear rain or if you wet it when washing your hands.


Show others how much you care about them and give them this amazing watch. It is the perfect gift for your friends - father, brother or business partner.

Be different and original thanks to this amazing watch.

Not only will it set you apart from others but it will put you in the spotlight wherever you appear.


Appear at a business meeting with a BlackX watch and leave a strong first impression on your business partners. They will immediately know they are dealing with a serious man. Thanks to him, you will be the center of attention wherever you appear.


Women love men who take care of themselves and who follow the latest trends. Show members of the fairer sex that you are that type of man and they will not be able to resist you - just like you in this irresistible watch.


BlackX is extremely modern and suitable for any occasion. You can wear it with formal or casual clothes. You can`t go wrong with a BlackX watch. With it, any clothing combination will be a complete hit.

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The timeless watchmaking creation seduces and hypnotizes with its futuristic Sci-Fi design, and no space lover can resist its unusual display of time.
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Technical specifications:


The modern luxury watch BlackX has a unique design and represents a completely new way of displaying time. It is perfect for all modern men and women. It is resistant to shocks and scratches.


The case and watch strap are made of stainless steel.

Belt dimensions:

23 cm




1 x BlackX watch comes in the package.


Perfect for everyday use. It is a great choice for business and serious men and women, as well as for everyone else who wants to decorate their wrist with this appropriate accessory.

How to use:

Reading time is easy. The light bulbs on the left show the hours and months, and on the right the minutes and date!

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