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Square extension for Bohr Quad drill

Suitable for construction, installation, renovation and decoration.
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Precision wells

Forget about inaccurate boreholes and frustrations. With this square extension, you will drill perfectly precise holes every time, with very little effort.

Saves time and material

With this extension you will speed up construction. Ordinary drill bits are not designed for drilling square holes. In the end you just destroy the wood and you have to do the job again, with new material.

It reduces effort

The sequel is easy to use. It can be used by absolutely everyone because it reduces the effort and effort. Thanks to him, woodworking has never been easier.

For private and professional use

If you love working in your home or need it for work, this square sequel will make all kinds of work easier for you.

Ideal for carpenters

It is perfect for all carpenters and those who enjoy woodworking. This extension is used exclusively in combination with a drill.

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