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Boissa - Multifunction bag for moms

The innovative bag makes life easier for moms as they carry, look after and ride their babies outdoors. It holds everything the baby needs outside, and it also has a cot for carefree changing, playing and sleeping.

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Revolutionary design - bag and crib in one

Make a crib wherever you want. The specially designed bag has a compartment at the back that extends into a baby cot.


The best bag for easy changing outside

With this bag, changing outside the house is not strenuous. In addition to bringing everything your baby needs, you get a cot for changing, playing or sleeping in one go.

Ideal bag for short walks and long trips

Whether you go for a half-hour walk around the city or a long trip, a dedicated bag is the ideal accompaniment. It keeps all things perfectly organized and provides the baby with a safe place to rest and play.

Water-repellent fabric

The outer layer of the bag is made of a water-repellent fabric, so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet easily.

It doesn’t burden either mom or the stroller

The design of the bag is ergonomic, so it does not burden the back or the stroller when it is attached to them, regardless of the many things inside it.

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Carry twice as many baby items with ease

The clever arrangement of compartments in the interior allows you to put twice as many things in this bag than in ordinary baby bags. You will have everything your baby and you may need while you are out.

Keeps baby food warm

The front of the bag has dedicated compartments for baby food and bottles. Not only does it keep them from spilling, but the compartments also retain the heat of the food.

Easy to wipe without removing the box

Forget about rummaging through your bag to take out just one, two handkerchiefs. On the side is a compartment with a slot for easy and quick removal of one tissue at a time.

The phone is always charged and at hand

All the compartments in this bag are purpose-designed, including those for the phone. It will be at your fingertips at all times.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

I looked at a lot of bags before buying and this one stood out because of the crib option. The decision to buy was the right one, the bag is great!

Hannah - Bristol

There can be more things in the bag than I need, and I think I will carry it when the child grows up because it is really cool.

Lauren - London

This cot that unfolds is our salvation when we are outside, so the little one needs to be changed and it served us great this summer on vacation.

Rebecca - Nottingham

2 in 1 multifunctional bag for moms

The search for a cleverly designed baby bag ends here! Pack all children`s things in organized compartments or unfold the bag in a portable baby cot. Material: Polyester

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Boissa is a modern bag for children`s things. It is characterized by a folding cot that can be easily pulled out of the back of the bag.


Oxford fabric, polyester


32 cm x 20 cm x 41 cm






59.98£ 29.99£

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