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Burfard – Practical garden tool

Save your strength and time with this tool for breaking up solid surfaces such as hardened, dried earth. You can also use it as a hoe when digging tough soil and you will get amazing results with minimum effort.

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An ideal tool for the perfect yard look

It adopts a special hollow design and is a very practical hand tool for gardeners. It can be used for daily gardening work so your garden will always look perfect and tidy.

Cultivate any type of soil easily

Hand-forged blade and special design will enable you to weed, dig or plant effortlessly in any type of soil. Enjoy gardening on a daily basis thanks to this practical tool.

Adjust it to your needs

Even though it is a hand-held tool, it can be extended with a handle (not included in the packaging). This way you can use it standing up.

Better and higher plant yield

Use this tool to prepare the soil for vegetable, herb and fruit planting. Remove the weeds efficiently, break large clumps of soil and turn it into a healthy plot where you can grow thriving plants.

Stays sharp for years

The blade is forged with the traditional process and it is hand-welded. It is made of selected high-quality steel which guarantees durability, stability and long use.

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An indispensable tool for lovers of beautifully landscaped gardens

This is a tool that is necessary for every house that has a yard or garden. With it, you will maintain your yard in a quick, easy and simple way.

It is used 10 times easier than other gardening tools

What makes this tool 10 times more practical and better is that is made of carefully selected high-quality steel, hand-forged, and welded. It also has a comfortable handle that will not cause blisters on the hands.

One tool that replaces 4 different tools

Instead of buying different tools for different purposes, you can only take 1 that will do 4 different jobs. It can be used for work such as weeding, loosening the soil, planting vegetables, and so on.

Have a neat and thriving garden with minimum effort

Extremely sharp tool will make removing weeds and planting flowers, vegetables and fruits super-fast and simple. You will use minimum strength and effort and have luscious garden.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

This tool is small and compact, can be used with soft grass and soil.

Lauren - Glasgow

This garden tool is good so far, it works well in our garden.

Ben - London

Weeding is a lot of fun with this garden hoe.

Megan - Liverpool

The product is in line with expectations. Very good ordering and delivery service. I can recommend this shop.

Tom - Kirklees

Burfard – Practical garden tool

Save your strength and time with this tool for breaking up solid surfaces such as hardened, dried earth. You can also use it as a hoe when digging tough soil and you will get amazing results with minimum effort.

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A practical garden tool.




16 x 30 cm


1x garden tool (the handle is not included)

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