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CakeyBakey - Baking pan with divider

Bake flawless cookies of uniform size every time! Treat your family and friends with 18 perfect delicacies.

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Bake different cookies at the same time

Thanks to the divider you can bake diverse cookies or dough at the same time. Combine differently coloured dough to create unique-looking deserts.

Great for savory treats too

Baking pan can also be used for quiche, bread rolls, or roast vegetables when removing the divider. Make mini pizzas for birthday parties every kid will love.

Reduce oil use

No need to use excess butter, oil or cooking spray. The surface of the pan and the divider is non-stick and you will have to apply a small amount of oil.

Use the pan as a serving tray

You will not dirtying up extra dishes and plates, use the pan as a serving tray by simply removing the divider. The divider can be removed in one go, thanks to the practical handles on both ends.

Make multilayer and complicated cakes easily and quickly

Save yourself the time of baking each layer of cake individually and trying to cut it to be even. Thanks to the divider you just need to come up with the cake design and assemble it after baking.

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Every piece is baked at the same time to perfection

Fast and even heat distribution ensures each pieces is perfectly baked and done at the same time. You will not get half-baked or burnt cakes ever again!

Easy removal

The baking pan has non-stick coating to ensure that taking cookies out of the pan is easy and worry-free. Forget about cakes sticking to the bottom and getting torn when you try to take them out.

Already evenly sliced

Thanks to the removable divider you will get perfectly cut 18 cakes. Serve them up right out of the pan, without struggle of cutting to get even pieces.

Satisfy everyone’s cravings and taste

Maybe your daughter likes nuts in cakes, while your husband prefers fruits. Now you can make individual cakes for everyone, without making a mess and wasting ingredients.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

I have already used it, it is very suitable for baking, and it turned out nice slices.

Rebecca - London

I am very satisfied, I honestly did not expect the high quality of this pan. Thank you

Lauren - Glasgow

The product has arrived, it is very useful, beautiful, it makes a good impression. Thank you very much, great buy.

Charlotte - Wigan

Everything was fine, fast delivery, careful packaging, excellent product.

Sophie - Bristol

CakeyBakey - Baking pan with divider 

Bake flawless cookies of uniform size every time! Treat your family and friends with 18 perfect delicacies 👨‍🍳 🍰

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A baking pan with a divider.


carbon steel + xynflon


31 x 20 x 4.9 cm





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