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CookX Mat - non-stick silicone dough base

Auxiliary kitchen tool for successful pastry preparation

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It makes the job easier for housewives, bakers and confectioners

Hygienic surface for quick and easy dough development of ideal texture and size. Culinary and dessert preparation will be a real treat with this base.


Hygienic and non-toxic substrate is ideal for working with any dough without the addition of flour or oil. The dough will not stick to the base and its preparation will be faster.


You can now try recipes from around the world and not have to worry about unit conversions. There is a diagram on the base, with different sizes of diameters, due to which the salty and sweet pastries will be the same size.


The non-stick silicone dough base is made of high quality, LFGB certified silicone. This means that this flexible and elastic silicone is safe for food preparation.


The base for easy handling of the dough will not slip and move on any surface you place it. Simply clean the surface by washing in the dishwasher or wash it with dish detergent and water.

No more frustration and sticking to the dough for the base!

Do you enjoy making rolls, strudels, pizza dough, pretzels or croissants? Thanks to the non-stick silicone base, you will prepare these pastries with pleasure and admire the final result.


If the kitchen is your favorite place to relax and let your imagination run wild, it will be even more so thanks to this base. Develop the perfect dough or fondant mass for coating cakes and making figurines.


Say "NO" to the clutter and dirt in your kitchen. Because it requires minimal use of flour, it perfectly protects your work surface and kitchen from white traces, but also liquids and food residues.


You can forget about buying baking paper when you get this kitchen accessory. You will also consume less flour than usual, saving money but also time to prepare pastries.

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Due to the exceptional flexibility of this silicone base, you will be able to roll the dough into it after rolling with a rolling pin and leave it in the fridge to stand as long as necessary.
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Technical specifications:


Non-stick silicone dough base - a friend of professional confectioners, bakers, but also all those who enjoy preparing pastries.


50 cm x 40 cm


100% hygienic and non-toxic silicone safe for food




1 x CookX Mat non-stick silicone dough pad comes in the package.


Place the base on any surface, sprinkle with a small amount of flour and start rolling out the dough.


It can be washed in the dishwasher, kept in the freezer, and is also intended for baking in the oven.

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