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Decape - Piercing set

Completely safe and hypoallergenic set of 1 piercings tool, ear and nose earring. Pierce your ears or nose quick and simple! Material: Stainless steel

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Only 4 steps are needed to pierce your ears or nose

Practical and simple. Wipe the wanted area with alcohol wipe and wash hands. Mark your wanted area with a marker. Hold the piercing tool to the marked area. Press hard, and there is a piercing!

You no longer have to go to the piercing studio

This is an ideal solution for children who are afraid of ear piercing. You will not have to take kids to a piercing studio, now you can do it yourself. Children will feel safe in their home they will overcome fear and get pierced ears.

Easy to use

The new generation ear pierce kit uses safe principles of ear piercing. It is safer, faster, and more accurate, making you do it by yourself.

Earrings of irresistible look and shine

Great style does not have to cost a fortune. The pierce kit is made from high-quality materials so that earrings are affordable, beautiful, and timeless designed.

A kit composed of practical parts

The self-ear piercing kit includes 2 pieces of earrings (one gold-plated and one silver-plated) 1 piercing for nose, 1 piercing plastic machine.

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You no longer have to go to professionals to pierce your nose or ear. Now you are your own professional and you can work from the comfort of your home, without stress.

Hypoallergenic material is safe for your skin

The ear pierce kit is made of stainless steel material, clean packaging, for any sensitive skin. It is suitable for adults, kids, women, and men.


Pierce your kid`s ears without stress from the comfort of your home. The set contains two earrings, one nose earring, and a plastic machine.

Ideal for beginners and professionals

You do not need to be trained to learn how to use this set. It is intended for both beginners and professionals so that anyone can use it.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

I recommend this for piercing ears! Virtually painless and very easy. I did 3 cartilage piercings all after one another and it barely hurt.

Sophie - Sheffield

It is stainless steel which usually is good for people with metal sensitivities. I am very satisfied with this kit!

Charlotte - Glasgow

Super easy to use and had no complications. I pierced my child’s ears all by myself today.

Lauren - Birmingham

Piercing set - Decape

Completely safe and hypoallergenic set of 1 piercings tool, ear and nose earring. Pierce your ears or nose quick and simple! Material: Stainless steel

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A practical piercing set that can be used by anyone


Stainless steel


2 earrings (gold and silver plated); 1 nose piercing; 1 plastic machine


Earrings diameter - 4mm x 0.08mm x length 14mm; Pierce for nose - 2mm x 0.08mm x length 12mm; Pierce tool dimensions - 5.6cm x 2.1cm;



45.98£ 22.99£

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