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Delicasy - A set of extensions for decorating cakes

Whether you are a decorating expert or just starting to learn, this set of sequels will make your desserts unique works of art!

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Cakes in your kitchen like from top pastry shops

And your cakes can look tempting like those from top confectioneries! All you need is a Delicasy set that will make the cakes look impressive.

Great set for beginners

This set is ingenious because it makes even beginners in the kitchen successful in making creative decorations on cakes and pies. You don`t need any experience with him.

Easy to handle - they give perfect decorations of different shapes

By simply squeezing the cream, you get decorations of perfect and equal shapes every time. It will make your desserts irresistible.

Safe and non-toxic stainless steel

The attachments are made of high quality stainless steel, safe and non-toxic. This set will serve you for many years.

Luxurious unique desserts

Gain the reputation of a true master confectioner with a top set that decorates desserts in a unique and creative way!

Save time

All you have to do is make the cream, put it in a bag and start squeezing the delicious and decorative decors directly onto the cake, muffin or muffin.

The secret of pastry chefs around the world

Improve your dessert preparation skill with an innovative set of extensions used by pastry chefs around the world.

It makes unprecedented shapes

Delight your guests and family with masterfully decorated birthday and holiday desserts that are the fruit of your progress in the sweet craft.

Complete every occasion with your desserts

Save money and make and decorate cakes, muffins and other sweet treats on your own that will complete any celebration and special occasion.

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‼ Whether you are a decorating expert or just starting to learn, this set of sequels will make your desserts unique works of art 🧁🎨
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Technical specifications:


Set Delicasy for decorating allows you to easily make beautiful decorations with cream for all kinds of desserts.


7 attachments for making decorations, 2 couplings, 10 plastic bags

How to use:

Attach the decorating attachments to the bag using the plastic clips that come in the set, add the cream and make the decorations.


Stainless steel

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