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DripDrops - Set of 12 watering tools

A plant watering device with a control valve switch will adequately water your plants. Your garden will become lusher, houseplants greener, and better vegetable yields.

Average rating 4.9/5
Special offer -50%
    Keeps the plants fresh and hydrated
    • Adjustable flow speed design.
    • Long-time continuous watering
    • Suitable for every plant
    • Easy to install
    • Adjustable to any bottle
  • 2 year warranty
  • Payment upon delivery

1x  22.99£ /pcs.

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2x  13.49£ /pcs.

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3x  10.32£ /pcs.

45.98£ Offer -50% = 22.99£

Enjoy your vacation and leave your plants in safe hands

In this set, you will get 12 automatic plant watering devices that you can place on multiple places and multiple plants. You will be taking care of all of them without forgetting to water some of them.

No need to drill or cut holes at bottom of the bottle. Just place the fixator on the bottle, then turn the bottle upside down!

The automatic plant waterer is made of high-quality PP plastic and you can use it repeatedly because each irrigation dripper ensures long service life.

They prevent excessive watering

Takes care of outdoor plants during sunny days

Automatic plant waterers are great for maintaining outdoor plants during strong sunny days. You can enjoy yourself in the shade while the plants are being watered instead for you.

Clean watering without drops around

Watering tools can be placed on any bottle. By choosing the right size bottle your plants will be watered, without any excess water spilling out of the coaster.

Can both use indoor and outdoor

Whether indoor/outdoor plant or garden, this self-watering system ensures that the plants are hydrated. The watering device is perfect for vegetables, houseplants, patio plants…


  • Convenient during absence
  • Automatic plant watering
  • Prevention of over-watering
  • Versatile indoor and outdoor use
  • Provides consistent hydration
Other products
  • Inconvenient watering system
  • Insufficient watering help
  • Prone to overwatering
  • Limited options
  • Spills a lot of water

+19,725 satisfied customers

Satisfaction rate 98%






These are amazing! I use them to water the tomatoes and my office flowers.


Everything is excellent – useful product, great service and fast delivery.


I use DripDrops in the garden for watering tomatoes, as a drop-by-drop system in this great heat so that the plant survives the day.


Very useful and functional irrigation


Here's what you'll get when you order today

  • 12 watering cones
  • 12 water valves
  • 100% satisfaction
  • Money back guaranteed
Instead 45.98£
Payment upon delivery of product

free delivery

+ Postage

Questions and answers

Who delivers?

We will send the package to your desired address via courier service. The delivery person will contact you before arriving at the address.

How is payment made?

Payment is made when picking up the package. Also, when ordering, you can choose to pay via the PayPal system or by card.

What is 100% safe purchase? Can I return the purchased product?

Of course. If you are not satisfied, you can return the product to us within 44 days, and we will refund your money, no additional questions asked.

When will I receive the ordered product?

From the moment you finish shopping, the package is handed over to the courier within one working day, and you can expect delivery to your address no later than five working days after sending.

We will answer your questions at the e-mail address:



45.98£ -26% 22.99£

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