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FidgyCube - Anti-stress toy

An interesting way to forget about stress and have fun! This puzzle with dice and balls is great for both adults and children. Material: ABS Plastic

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Take a break from work and clear your mind

The toy requires concentration and will make you not think about work and daily commitments. After just a few minutes with her, you will feel more rested and calm.

Encourages logical thinking in adults and children

Devising a number of combinations to get the correct array of balls improves logical skills at all ages. The whole family will use it!

Hours of fun without the use of a screen

Discovering different combinations and coming up with solutions will provide you and your little ones with hours of fun. Additionally, you will avoid children spending time in front of harmful screens spoiling their posture.

Calm down a nervous colleague

Surely you have someone in the office who is restlessly kicking or clicking with a ballpoint pen. Give them this nice toy and do your job in peace.

Improves family and social relationships

Joint fun and competition within the family will make family relationships better and stronger, and children can expand their social circles and meet new friends with the help of a toy.

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Forget about everyday problems

The desire to put all the balls in the right place will occupy your attention and you will forget about everyday worries. Treat yourself to a few moments of respite.

Improves movement coordination

In order to put all the balls in the right place, they need to be constantly rotated, tracked and rotated by the main mechanism. Your fingers will be more flexible and your reactions faster.

Relieves stress and nervousness

The modern pace of life brings with it large amounts of stress. Restore a good mood and reduce nervousness by focusing on stacking the balls by color.

Stimulates different skills in children

In addition to coordinating movement, this toy nurtures concentration, patience and problem-solving skills in children. Let your children learn the basics of strategic thinking from an early age.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

I have it on my desk in the office. It saves me during stressful work tasks.

Hannah - Bradford

My son and I are competing to arrange the balls first. She`s ingenious!

Daniel - Sheffield

I give it to children to play with when we travel or wait somewhere. They are calm and content, and I can concentrate on the journey and commitments.

Lauren - Bristol

The package arrived within two days. Everything seems to be fine. We bought the toy as a gift so we will see how it is when we hand it over.

Sam - Glasgow

Stress toy FidgyCube

Interesting way to forget about stress and have a good time! This puzzle toy with cubes and balls is great for both adults and children 😁 👨‍👩‍👧

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FidgyCube is an anti-stress toy that serves relaxation and fun, and is suitable for children and adults.


ABS plastic

Dimensions of the toy:

11 x 10 cm


1 x anti-stress toy



47.98£ -50% 23.99£