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Foss – Super powerful flashlight

The battery lamp with USB charging and up to 5 hours of strong light can focus objects up to 100 m away.

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Useful in multiple situations

Super versatile, side light can be used as a table lamp, for reading, repairs and other needs! You will find useful in any situation where you require good light.

Know the battery status anytime

You will not need to guess or worry about the battery status anymore. There is an easily readable power display on the flashlight, which informs you instantly of the status.

Safer movement at night

Adjust the light intensity so you can safely and freely move in the dark at night. You will not be stumbling in the dark, you will see the path clearly and prevent any accidents and falls.

Does not tire your eyes

Use the side light as a reading light for as long as you like! The light is stable and it will not flicker, therefore it will not make your eyes tired.

Illuminate corners and hard to reach spaces

See better around the stairs, wardrobes, in drawers or in a garage. Find easily whatever you are looking for even in the pitch black, thanks to the strong light.

Product photo in 360 °

Ideal for harsh weather conditions and outdoors

This flashlight is suitable for hiking, emergency and camping and harsh weather conditions. Rely on it whenever you spend time in the nature.

Easily adjust the light intensity

Select the light intensity that suits your needs. USB charging flashlight has different working modes, including strong light, medium light, flood light, flash burst.

Illuminates a large area

Powerful flashlight can cover the surface of up to 100 meters. You will feel comfortable walking around the thickest forest during the night.

Strong light lasts for many hours

Large capacity 18650 battery offers up to 5 hours of strong light, when fully charged. The battery is built into the flashlight and can be simply charged with the USB cable which it comes with.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

The light is strong. It is good to use.

Sophie - Glasgow

Excellent deal. Good quality, lightweight, very bright.

Sam - Leeds

My family and I were pleasantly surprised, super light and bright light. Wholehearted recommendation.

Ryan - Edinburgh

This lamp is great for camping, very powerful

Daniel - Kirklees

Foss - Super powerful flashlight 

A battery lamp with USB charging and up to 5 hours of strong light can focus objects up to 100 m away 🔦 🌠  

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A super powerful flashlight.




200 m


1x flashlight, 1x USB charging cable



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