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Furgetty – A set of 4 pet hair removers

Smart solution attracts animal hairs during the washing and drying of clothes! Now your washed items can truly be free of any hairs.

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Can be used in the washer and drier

The set has 2 yellow and 2 green reusable tools you can use in both washer and drier. This way you can absolutely remove any pet hairs from the clothing and covers.

Catches dust and other particles

Remove efficiently hair, dust and tiny particles of dirt off your clothing, furniture and decorative items. Keep your home clean with a true multipurpose gadget.

Remove hair from clothes in a few moments

Finally, you can hug and cuddle your pet without worrying about hair on your clothes. Besides usage in a washer and dryer, you can remove hair even from clothes you are currently wearing.

Does not take up space

Flexible hair remover with the 9 cm diameter will not take up much space in the washing machine. Fill up the washing machine with laundry and get rid of pet hair easily.

Safe for clothes, pets and children

The material is non-toxic, anti-allergic, which makes it safe for your pets, children and clothing. There is no need to use strong detergents to remove dirt and pet hairs off the clothes.

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Remove the hairs from furniture too

Flexible and sticky material catches dogs and cats hairs from your clothes and furniture. Use it to remove the pet hairs off your sofas, upholstered chairs and couches.

Gentle to clothing

Made of durable but soft material that will not damage your clothing. Put them in the washing machine even with the most delicate materials, they will not get ripped or frayed.

No need to wash the clothing twice

You will no longer have to wash your clothes twice, just to get rid of animal hair. Save water, money, time and, most importantly, save your nerves!

Unlimited usage

The material is reusable and can be cleaned with water! Store them close to the washing and drying machine, to have at reach whenever you need to remove pet hair.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

We have two dogs and a cat. Our house was always messy before but now thanks to these hair removers everything is clean. Wholehearted recommendation.

Lauren - Bradford

Works great. Just put it in your washing machine, you will have hair-free clothes every time.

Hannah - Sheffield

So easy to use.

Charlotte - Cardiff

It helps a lot to clean the sofa, although it is soft. Great for households with pets.

Rebecca - Bristol

Furgetty - Set of 4 pet hair removers

Smart solution attracts animal hairs during the washing and drying of clothes! Now your washed items can truly be free of any hairs 🐶 ✨

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A set of 4 pet hair removers.




9 cm


55 gr



51.98£ -30% 25.99£