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Garlico - original garlic chopper

Chopping garlic has never been easier! This innovative chopper makes it easier and faster to chop garlic without getting your hands dirty and smelling unpleasant.

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Quickly chop the garlic

You can forget about chopping garlic with knives. Just lean the chopper on the garlic to make it finely chopped and ready to use.

Perfectly chopped garlic

You no longer have to bother with a knife to get finely chopped garlic. This innovative chopper will make sure the garlic is chopped to the finest pieces.

Less clutter

Garlico The chopper is very meticulous and tidy. It saves you clutter and tidying up because it is easy to wash and does its job quickly

No unpleasant odors

If you don’t like sticky hands and unpleasant smells after chopping garlic, then this chopper is the real salvation for you! Thanks to the ergonomic handle, your hands will stay clean!

Retains all aromas

Unlike other mincers that only crush garlic and destroy its aroma and taste, Garlico will preserve its full flavor and all nutrients.

Product photo in 360 °

Ergonomic design

The design, specially adapted to each hand shape, provides comfort and safety while chopping garlic.

Hacking in one go

Chopping garlic is now far faster and easier. All you need is just one movement of one hand!

It saves time

Instead of wasting time on finely chopping garlic, Garlico the chopper will shorten the chopping time to just a few seconds!

Easy and simple maintenance

So easy to maintain that it will become your favorite kitchen helper. Just lightly rinse the chopper under running water.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

From now on my favorite shredder in the kitchen! Less clutter, I don`t get my hands dirty, I chop onions in an hour. Excellent!

Rebecca - Leeds

The worst part of my kitchen job was chopping garlic. I don`t like it when my hands feel like garlic and they`re sticky, so I decided to try the Garlico chopper. It was delivered to me quickly and I now happily chop the garlic.

Charlotte - Nottingham

I ordered a few pieces for my restaurant. I made the job easier for my chefs, but also shortened the time on this job. Affordable price, fast delivery, all praise.

Jack - Liverpool

Works even better than I expected.

Chloe - Sheffield

Innovative garlic press Garlico

Perfectly chopped garlic in just a few strokes! No soiling of hands and long cutting!

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Garlico - innovative garlic chopper


Plastic, stainless steel


Length 10.2 cm; Width 7.6 cm





29.98£ -35% 14.99£