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GrimeOff – High-pressure sprinkle nozzle for hose

Keep your home spotlessly clean and your garden well-watered!

Average rating 4.9/5
Special offer -50%
    Efficient cleaning and watering
    • Quick garden irrigation
    • Powerful dirt-blasting squirt
    • Three water flow modes
    • Durable and ergonomic nozzle
    • Versatile usage
  • 2 year warranty
  • Payment upon delivery

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Efficient car washing

Water your plants with precision using the high-pressure sprinkle nozzle. The nozzle comes with hose connector and 2 tap connectors, making it the perfect tool for efficient garden irrigation.

Easily switch between three water flow modes by rotating the nozzle. You can choose between a high-pressure jet, a gentle mist, and a wide-angle flow for all your needs.

The high-pressure sprinkle nozzle is easy to use and requires no complicated setup. Simply connect it to your hose and start cleaning or watering right away.

Clean your car, garden and your home

Saves water and money

The high-pressure nozzle uses less water compared to traditional hoses, helping you save on your water bills while still achieving efficient cleaning and watering.

Ergonomic design for easier usage

The ergonomic design of the nozzle makes it comfortable to hold and use for extended periods. You will not experience any hand fatigue or discomfort while using it.

Saves time and effort

With our high-pressure nozzle for hose, you can save time and effort on your outdoor cleaning and watering tasks. The powerful squirt and versatile modes make it easy to finish the tasks quickly.


  • Versatile application
  • Lower water usage and reduced bills
  • High-pressure cleaning power
  • Comfortable and easy handling
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Limited options
  • High water usage and bigger bills
  • Weak pressure with limited cleaning power
  • Tiring and difficult handling
  • Prone to tears and malfunctions

+19,725 satisfied customers

Satisfaction rate 98%






The high-pressure nozzle makes washing my car so much easier and faster.


The high-pressure nozzle is a lifesaver for my back. It is so much easier to use than my old heavy nozzle.


The high-pressure squirt really does blast away dirt and stains. It is impressive how fast it cleans.


It is perfect for washing my car, watering my garden, and cleaning my patio furniture.


Here's what you'll get when you order today

  • 1 nozzle
  • 2 hose connectors
  • 1 faucet connector
  • 100% satisfaction
  • Money back guaranteed
Instead 47.98£
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Questions and answers

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We will send the package to your desired address via courier service. The delivery person will contact you before arriving at the address.

How is payment made?

Payment is made when picking up the package. Also, when ordering, you can choose to pay via the PayPal system or by card.

What is 100% safe purchase? Can I return the purchased product?

Of course. If you are not satisfied, you can return the product to us within 44 days, and we will refund your money, no additional questions asked.

When will I receive the ordered product?

From the moment you finish shopping, the package is handed over to the courier within one working day, and you can expect delivery to your address no later than five working days after sending.

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47.98£ -23% 23.99£

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