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KitchPro - Kitchen multipractice

The multi-purpose kitchen appliance grinds, cuts, chops and kneads food to help you prepare delicious meals faster!

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Important: Unlike other devices that have a lot of parts, this processor of only 4 parts is cleaned in a few strokes. Rinse the dish, blades and lid under running water. Wipe the head of the appliance with a wet cloth.

A strong stainless steel blade will easily chop the toughest meat and hardest vegetables. Choose how and how much you want to cut or grind the ingredients for meals.

Prepare whole meals with just one kitchen tool

Use your time efficiently! This device is the most efficient way to prepare food because it processes all the ingredients needed for your family’s complete meal.

Fast processing of ingredients

It only takes 30 seconds for the desired ingredients to be sliced or ground! This is guaranteed by a powerful 200 W copper motor, a steel housing axis and 4 strong blades.

Everything is cooked evenly

The processor shreds the ingredients into pieces of equal size. Meat and vegetables will be baked at the same time, without burning and unbaked pieces.

No clutter in the kitchen

In addition to having more space on the desktop, the bottom of the device is protected by a non-slip ring. The device will not twist nor will the ingredients spill and spill on the work surface.

Product photo in 360 °

It processes large amounts of ingredients

Thanks to the container with a capacity of 2 liters, it can hold enough ingredients for lunch for a family of four. Prepare healthy soups, meatballs or vegetable soups.

Mix healthy baby porridge

In just a few moments, make delicious and healthy porridges for your baby without additives. The dishes and blades are made of materials safe for culinary use.

Replaces other kitchen appliances

Say goodbye to a messy kitchen counter full of different appliances! In it you get all the functions of a device for squeezing juice, crushing, mixing and kneading ingredients.

Easy to use

No cables and complicated instructions to follow! Put the ingredients in a bowl and select one of the two desired speeds.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

I prepare porridge for my baby every day. Everything is quick and easy, I recommend it warmly to all moms.

Hannah - Bradford

I finally have a tidy kitchen without 10 appliances on my desktop. Except for the multipractice, I now have enough space for my beautiful collection of cookbooks.

Holly - Liverpool

I grind and make my own meat combinations for barbecue!

Adam - Nottingham

This is a great thing for me practically quickly when I have to chop for lunch.

Daniel - London

KitchPro - Kitchen food processor

Multi-function kitchen tool grinds, slices, chops and mashes foods to help you quickly prepare delicious meals! 🍝 🍲

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KitchPro is a powerful kitchen multipractice that makes meal preparation quick and easy.


304 stainless steel, ABS plastic, borosilicate glass

Container capacity:

2 liters


1 x multipractical KitchPro



65.98£ 32.99£

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