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Lacey - Denim leggings with laces

The stretch material model strategically emphasizes the attractive line! Extra design and comfort of modern jeans with perfectly narrow legs that visually lengthen the legs.


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Modern look and comfort

The perfect combination of lightweight, stretchy material and the always popular denim design makes these leggings a great choice for any occasion.

Visually slimmer figure

Attractive denim leggings are designed to fit different body shapes perfectly as they visually accentuate the curves.

Modern laces for a cool look

They stand out from faceless jeans with attractive laces along the entire length of the legs.

Seductive silhouette

Achieve the desired effect of a narrower waist with high-waisted leggings that tighten the problematic part well and emphasize curves and long legs.

Draw attention

Thanks to the irresistible design with laces and the always popular denim, you will easily combine tights to impress wherever you appear!

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Maximum comfort and freedom of movement

Modern denim leggings will be your comfortable companion throughout the day. They do not restrict movement thanks to the comfortable material.

Comfortable to wear on all occasions

Forget the uncomfortable stiff jeans - made of breathable, stretchy material, these leggings ensure comfort at work, on a walk or an evening out.

Easy maintenance

Leggings do not crease, it is enough to wash in cold or lukewarm water, and ironing is not necessary.

Unrepeatable comfort

You will enjoy wearing leggings all day long that fit perfectly to the body, do not tighten, do not cut and do not fit like ordinary jeans.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

Too comfortable! They look like real jeans, and are realistically soft and stretchy like training leggings.

Lauren - Liverpool

I like the high waist because it perfectly covers the excess around the belly, and because of the laces the legs and hips look thin and in XL size.

Sarah - Kirklees

I am very satisfied and they are very pleasant. The material is stretchy, but does not relax like denim, so even after long wear, the buttocks look taut.

Charlotte - Cardiff

Modern design flatters figures!
  • Visually narrows the waist
  • Easy to combine
  • Provides the effect of long and thin legs
  • Superior wearing comfort
  • Attractive and sensual design

Choose your favorite T-shirt, shirt or tunic and you are ready for an unforgettable outing

It’s just up to you to choose what to combine with denim leggings which are an amazing hit and with which a good look is guaranteed.






S, M, L, XL, XXL


Print with laces on the front


Leggings with denim pattern


Polyester, spandex


The package comes with a pair of leggings with a denim pattern and a print with laces that guarantee an attractive appearance.


Wash leggings before first wearing. The leggings are made of comfortable stretchy material and are easy to wear.


Denim leggings wash at a lower temperature with a mild detergent. Does not use bleach.


When you take off and do not wear leggings, store them in a dry and safe place, away from direct heat and direct sunlight.


Stock: Available

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100% satisfaction guarantee

Delivery within 1 to 2 days

Free and quick delivery

Package: Lacey



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