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MagnetiX - Magnetic phone holder

Combine elegance and practicality! The minimalist phone holder with two free self-adhesive strips will help you use your phone while driving and gives the interior of the car a modern look.

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More flexibility, practicality and driving safety.

Using the phone weakens the focus while driving, which increases the risk of accidents! MagnetiX keeps your phone at your fingertips without blocking your view. Make phone calls, record or listen to music while driving safely.

A gadget that is essential nowadays

Fantastic MagnetiX has multiple uses! Use it anywhere in the house or office as a key holder or any metal object.

Elegant look for your car

Exceptional minimalist, ergonomic design, complemented by a luxurious look, will make the interior of your car authentic.

Setting up in just a few moves!

A few strokes and less than a minute you need to place this device on any surface. It is only necessary to wipe the surface before installation, put the bracket on it and press it.

For all types of phones

Your phone is always at hand and safe while driving! The luxury magnetic holder is universal and will hold phones of all sizes and even smaller tablets flawlessly.

Product photo in 360 °

Answer calls with 1 click

The revolutionary miniature vehicle accessory will allow you to drive safely. Thanks to powerful magnets and advanced glue, you will always have your hands free while driving.

2 free self-adhesive tapes

Regardless of uneven roads and sharp turns, it will stay in place thanks to two free self-adhesive strips with a strong adhesive force. When removed, it will not damage the surfaces in your car.

A safe place for your phone

Super strong magnets will provide security to your phone while driving. MagnetiX The holder contains 8 magnets, so those bumpy roads, holes and fast driving won`t be a problem.

Horizontal or vertical - it`s your choice!

This innovative holder is specific in that it can be rotated 360 °. The solid metal ball joint gives you the ability to turn the phone to the position you want.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

Worth every kuna. The glue of the holder is stable and strongly adheres to the control panel, which surprised me. I drive a truck on hilly roads and it serves me great, the phone is safe regardless of the roads and driving.

Sam - Bradford

Phenomenal choice! I am thrilled with this product, it serves me after 6 months just like the first day.

Hannah - Kirklees

The magnets are extremely strong and my phone does not move while driving. I use an iPhone 12 with a protective cover that is heavy and I don’t have any problems with the holder.

Daniel - Wigan

The most beautiful holder I've ever had. It’s not robust and I don’t mind the board.

Charlotte - Edinburgh

Magnetic phone holder MagnetiX

Combine elegance with practicality! A minimalist phone holder with two self-adhesive strips for free will help you use your phone while driving and gives the interior of the car a modern look 📲 🚗

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MagnetiX is a magnetic phone holder.


Zinc alloy, silicone


60 mm x 24 mm x 20 mm





47.98£ 23.99£

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