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Nano HD cam camera

The unnoticeable guardian of your family does not allow anyone to enter your home or office unnoticed!

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Track what’s going on in your home

With Nano HD cam, follow what is happening in your home, with children or pets.

It also works when there is no electricity

Even during a power outage, Nano HD cam records for an additional 60 minutes.


Miniature Nano HD camera is almost unnoticeable. Unlike bulky security cameras, the Nano HD cam is enviably small and fits in your pocket.


The camera records when it is activated by a motion detector, so you will have recorded events back up for the past month. When the memory is full, the oldest recordings are deleted and new ones are stored.


You can also take photos with Nano HD cam camera. Easily transfer all the moments recorded on the mini camera to your computer via the USB port.

Product photo in 360 °


Simply leave the camera in the desired location or hook it to any object with a clip.


Protect your home from thieves - day and night. Set it up and sleep peacefully because it records just about every movement 24/7.


Record your ride in a car, motorcycle, or bicycle and you will have reliable evidence in the event of a car accident.


This perfect mini camera records high-quality photos even at night or in dark conditions.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

Who would have thought that something this small could be so practical. If you want to monitor the garden, the driveway or watch what the kids are doing while you're not there, this is great for you. But you might be disappointed in your neighbors...

Sophie - London

A good camera, it records everything I'm interested in, which is to know that everything is fine with the family and the kid while I'm not there...

Alex - Leeds

I wear it when I ride my bike around town. It's a great thing because people usually don't notice that I have it, so I don't have to explain to everyone why I'm carrying a camera.

Emily - Kirklees

I bought several different cameras to cover the whole house, I don't want any uninvited guests while I'm on the road. This and another camera proved to be the best...

Adam - Manchester

Nano HD cam {camera

You will never feel unprotected again thanks to this camera that records every movement wherever you place it

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customers recommend!

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Learn more about the product

Helps solve crimes:

Police will find it much easier to identify burglars with top-quality footage Nano HD cam. Sleep easy knowing you have secure surveillance of your home or office.

Continuous recording:

Nano HD cam supports a memory card of up to 32 GB on which recordings are stored. When necessary, old videos are automatically deleted and space is made for new recordings, without stopping recording.

Ideal for poorly lit areas:

The security camera has a night recording mode and records clear images during the night or in dark rooms. Therefore, it is perfect for monitoring warehouses, garages, basements and other facilities.

Action camera:

You can use it as an action camera, car camera and for taking photos of everyday activities. It is practical and compact, so it fits in your pocket without any problems.

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