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Plumbo – Multipurpose plumbing tool for pipes

Save money in your pocket with this tool that unscrews stubborn nuts, dismantles and installs pipes in 1 move!

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Easily place and unscrew

Open side design allows simplified usage of this tool over existing plumbing lines. It is easy to rotate for replacement of connected water pipe nuts or mounted nuts from faucets.

Without damage to the faucets and other plumbing parts

The plastic tool is gentle to the chrome-finishes of the most used faucets and plumbing nuts and pipes. Unlike the metal wrenches, this tool will not scratch or brake these expensive parts.

Increases your efficiency

Quality performance in less time – this is what Plumbo will give you. Replace the ordinary wrench with modern tool that will help you install and repair plumbing system in half time.

Simple extraction

The tool comes with T nail addition that makes repairs so much easier. Extract broken wire and pipe joints simply, without damage to the pipes.

Suitable for various materials

The tool can be used for work on pipes from PVC, copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other. It replaces traditional wrenches and eases installing and replacing or nuts on faucets and sprayers.

Product photo in 360 °

For all your plumbing jobs

Multi-functional plumbing tool you can use in all your plumbing jobs and any pipeline. Suitable for the toilet bowl, sink, bathroom, kitchen plumbing.

Designed to reach narrow places

Extra long design easily reaches the most difficult places. Now you can install, repair and replace plumbing parts, without too much effort, in the smallest bathrooms.

Precise installing without mistakes

Plumbo has built-in leveler to help you install plumbing sections in desired position. 2 in 1 tool for unscrewing nuts and aligning frequently used items.

Easy usage even on wet surfaces

The tool is lightweight, ergonomically designed to easily hold in your hands. The rough, uneven surface ensures that it will not slip even in contact with water.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

Very helpful if you are not professional plumber. The tightening of sink faucet was very easy.

Sophie - Glasgow

Everyone that works in plumbing business should order this. Much easier to use that regular wrenches and with this 1 tool, you can replace a toolbox of tools.

Matthew - Bradford

The tool functions just as described. Great replacement for wrench and for tightening faucets in very narrow places.

Adam - Sheffield

This product saved me a bunch of time. The tool doesn’t slip and rotates fast, so probably it takes me now half a time than before for the same task.

Jack - Nottingham

Plumbo – Multipurpose plumbing tool for pipes

Save money in your pocket with this tool that unscrews stubborn nuts, dismantles and installs pipes in 1 move!

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Multipurpose plumbing tool for pipes


Plastic, metal


260 mm.

Package includes:

1x plumbing tool, 2x stripping attachment, 1x wire extractor, 1x mounting head, 2x bolts



47.98£ -25% 23.99£