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Confectionery Decorating Accessories - ProDesserts

The rich confectionery set contains all the necessary accessories for professional decoration and flawless appearance of your cakes and pastry!

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Turn any dessert into a work of art with minimal effort.

With this top set, you can create limitless perfect decorations and turn every dessert into a mini masterpiece.


Your cakes and decorations will look like the stuff on the covers of magazines and cookbooks!

Make your own unique and luxurious desserts that will delight kids and guests.

Turn a kitchen into a confectionery shop and start a business

Use this set to make attractively decorated desserts, just like in the windows of world confectioneries, which your family and friends will adore!

Easily and flawlessly decorated desserts

A rotating stand, spatulas, scrapers, decorating bags and many other accessories will help you with that ...

Accessories that everyone can use

The stainless and non-toxic materials used in the construction as well as the ergonomic design make this tool durable, safe and easy to use.

Product photo in 360 °

Perfect your confectionery talent

This confectionery set for decorating cakes and other desserts turns beginners into professional confectioners

Dessert making has never been easier

You do not need to be an experienced confectioner to create unique decorations because now, thanks to this phenomenal set, your decorations will look more beautiful and professional.

Reduces the time it takes to make desserts

With this unique set, the time of making sweets and decorations will be twice as short as before.

Enrich your confectionery arsenal

This top set is equipped with professional parts that will enrich your confectionery arsenal. It contains props such as a rotating stand, dressing-bags, extensions for dressing-bags and others.

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Guests are amazed every time :)

Charlotte - Wigan

I didn`t even know that I could make cakes I`ve seen online by myself :)

Emily - Sheffield

Wow, the decorations turn out perfect every time

Holly - Birmingham

Confectionery decorating accessories - ProDesserts

The rich confectionery set contains all the necessary accessories for professional decoration and the flawless look of your cakes and pastries!

51.98£ 25.99£

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Plastic, stainless steel

Set content:

1 rotating stand with anti-slip base 24 attachments for confectionery bags 2 reducers (adapters) 1 spatula 1 cleaning brush 1 decorating pencil 1 scissors to transfer roses from the carrier 1 holder for making roses 10 disposable confectionery bags 2 plastic scrapers




51.98£ 25.99£

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