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Rivelo rivet adapter

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👉 Easy, simple and fast riveting of different types of materials without effort with the help of a revolutionary adapter that uses the power of the drill! 🔩

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1 Rivet adapter 2 Handle 3 Key

The addition will make the noise minimal

You will no longer experience a rivet drop! This add-on will make your work precise and maximally efficient!

Excellent ergonomics

Compared to traditional riveting pliers, this adapter is lower noise, more efficient, small in size and easy to carry. It is a great helper for your home and business. You will complete the job in 3 easy steps.

Effortless use

The riveting attachment should be hooked in like any other drill bit attachment, then select the insert and you are ready to go. Insert the rivet into the extension and make sure it is tight. Adjust the drill bit




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