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RodMob - Car phone holder

The innovative phone holder helps you use your phone safely while driving! Install it on the rearview mirror for easy use of GPS applications from your phone.

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There is no awkward bending of the neck or twisting

By gently turning the phone, the holder moves 360 degrees and will be available to you wherever you are in the car. You won’t have to bend over or sit at a weird angle to see your cell phone.


Keep your phone safe even on rough roads

Adjustable silicone-reinforced handles grip your phone tightly, making it stable. It will not fall out of the holder even when driving on hilly and rocky roads.

Make hands-free calls

It allows you to keep both hands on the steering wheel and talk at the same time. Ensure your own and your family’s safety by following the route and using voice instructions for the phone.

Prevents damage to the phone

Since the phone is in the holder without moving, it will not fall on your car when driving fast. The phone does not stick to the holder and will therefore not be damaged, cracked or scratched.

It adapts to your device

The flexible handles on the holder make it compatible with most mobile phones. It will easily adapt to phones with a screen size of 4 to 6 inches.

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It`s easy to get out of sight when you don`t need it

This device has a quality telescopic handle, mounted on a flexible screw, and it is enough to gently push the phone upwards to remove it from view. By pulling the handle down, you will be able to use your cell phone again.

Improved and clear use of navigation

You can rotate the phone horizontally and vertically in the holder, which makes its contents clear. You will see your travel plan more clearly and in detail, while keeping your eyes on the road all the time.

Entertain children on long journeys

The holder is easily mounted on the seat thanks to its adjustable screws. Turn on the little ones cartoons on your cell phone and allow them to have a pleasant time during longer rides.

Change trajectory with one touch

You can change and adjust your itinerary with a single tap on the screen. You can at the same time follow the signs on the road and be without worries that the navigation will take you to the intended destination.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

I have two holders. I use one to follow the road when we go on vacation and the other to entertain the kids during short and long rides. They are very practical!

Ryan - London

It`s great that I can talk relaxed and drive at the same time. I highly recommend!

Chloe - Sheffield

It`s great for me because I don`t have to bend my neck when I want to check the GPS. It is easy to adjust so that they can be comfortably adjusted in the car while driving.

James - Liverpool

Car Phone Holder RodMob

📱 Innovative phone holder helps you use your phone safely when driving! Install on rearview mirror to easily use GPS apps from your phone 🚗

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RodMob is an innovative car phone holder, which enables a comfortable and safe ride.


ABS plastic, alloy


6.5 x 18 cm; 6.5 x 21 cm (when the holder is extended)


1 x car phone holder RodMob




45.98£ 22.99£

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