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Rollero - Set of 8 wheels for the shower cabin

The sparkling shine of the bathroom and the dry floor after a shower with completely unexpected household props.

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The bathroom floor remains completely dry

In addition to smoothly closing and opening the shower enclosure, the wheels from this set firmly fix the door during the shower so that the floor will not be wet and slippery.

Increases security

Now you can move around the bathroom more easily and safely, because there are no more slippery floors and water splashing everywhere. You can be sure that your shower door will be firmly and well closed.

The door will slide without any noise

These wheels are silent and light. You won't notice them at all, because the shower door will slide quite easily. They do not make noise, and there is no more door creaking when entering to take a shower.

Saves your time

No more constantly scrubbing the tiles after showering. By installing this set, you will save the time you would spend on cleaning the bathroom. Water will no longer leak or spray everywhere.

It will serve you for years

This practical tool is designed to work in demanding conditions. The solid materials from which it is made ensure its durability, so you will not have to spend money on the constant purchase of new wheels.

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Impeccable cleanliness and superb shine

Brilliantly clean shower cabin is a mirror of every bathroom! A set of 8 shower wheels allows you to easily remove the door and effectively clean all the slots with a simple sponge.

Universal and resistant

The set of 8 revolutionary shower wheels is made of corrosion-resistant materials, and their size fits all cabins with this type of ball bearings.

Smooth and unhindered door opening

These wheels will allow the shower door to be opened easily. The door will no longer creak and you will easily control its movement. This prevents the door from falling out of the guide and damaging it.

They are very easy to install

Mount them in just a few steps, because they fit most shower cabins with a standard glass thickness of 4-6 mm. Simple and fast!

Impressions of satisfied customers!

Universal wheels, easy assembly and above all cheap

Daniel - Bristol

Works perfectly and allowed us to solve a problem that had been there since we installed the tub.

James - Sheffield

Great product, easy to install too

Lauren - Liverpool

Perfect fit based on measurements, easy to fit (even for a woman!), thank you! :)

Hannah - London

Rollero - Set of 8 wheels for the shower cabin

Brilliant bathroom glow and dry floor after shower with completely unexpected household props

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Set of 8 wheels for the shower cabin

Wheel dimensions:

55 mm x 23 mm

Wheel diameter:

23 mm


Plastic, nylon and stainless steel



49.98£ -27% 24.99£