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Shappies - Exercise leggings

Modern leggings with a sauna effect that help shape the body figure. They are made of a special, stretchy material that holds everything in place, highlights attributes and hides excess. Materials: 70% neoprene, 15% nylon, 15% polyester

Size Hip circumference (cm) Waist circumference (cm)
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Strong sauna effect

Body shaping leggings, with a high waist and specially designed to keep everything in place, provide a powerful sauna effect, whether you are training, walking or relaxing.

Visually narrower figure

With these leggings, your waist, thighs and legs will look visually thinner in any outfit.

Comfortable to wear

The quality and comfortable material of these leggings will ensure your comfort whether you are walking in them, watching TV or training.

Hide the excess in an instant

Due to the adjustable corset at the waist and the material from which they are made, these leggings will instantly conceal excess that you are not proud of.

Follow the line of each body shape

The stretch and special material of these leggings will follow the line of your body, emphasizing your attributes.

Product photo in 360 °

Ideal for training

The inside of the leggings is lined with a special material that mimics the effect of a sauna, and this effect is most pronounced during physical activity.

Additional corset for the waist

The solid material will hold everything in place, especially because of the corsets at the waist that will cover your belly and make your figure visually narrower.

Adaptable to you

These leggings have a corset that you can adjust. Easily fasten it to 1. Second or 3. gear gear and enjoy without the awkward feeling of tightness and fear of falling.

Comfortable to wear

Modernly designed leggings are suitable for any occasion. They will make you look visually slimmer at all times!

Impressions of satisfied customers!

This sauna effect is really great! I don`t pay for going to the sauna, because now I achieve this effect in a targeted and easy way with these leggings.

Lauren - Wigan

When I wear them I really feel handsome, tight, and at the same time I hide the excess I have always struggled with.

Holly - Liverpool

I feel great in them. I wear them at home or while walking, and now I’ve started going to the gym, so I use them during my workout as well.

Megan - Edinburgh

These leggings are great for training. I wear them regularly and I don't need others.

Chloe - Sheffield

Shappies - Exercise leggings

🏃‍♀ Increase the effects of your workout! Special sports leggings help you shape your body faster and feel your training results faster. 💪 Materials: 70% neoprene, 15% nylon, 15% polyester

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Leggings for body shaping with sauna effect


70% neoprene, 15% nylon, 15% polyester







53.98£ 26.99£

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