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Tapelo - self-adhesive kitchen tape

It keeps water droplets and other liquids on the surface and protects your home from moisture and fungi.

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The secret of successful home builders

This waterproof sealing tape is the secret of all home builders. An easy and fast way to keep your kitchen and bathroom free of debris and unevenness and keep their shine.

For a perfect and radiant home

Forget about crumbs of food between the counter, moisture and bumps. Sturdy and durable self-adhesive tape will make you effortlessly bring your home to perfection.

Guaranteed quality and long use

It is made of high quality PVC material which makes this tape flexible and long lasting. In addition, it provides high resistance to water, moisture, mold and high temperatures.

Safe for the environment

It is made of non-toxic PVC material. It is environmentally friendly and is the right choice for anyone who is prone to allergies.

Practical for all ages

It is easy to carry and easy to set up. Your loved ones of all ages can easily set it up, from little craftsmen to those with many years of construction experience.

Product photo in 360 °

Effective protection of all surfaces

Unlike other traditional PVC tapes, Tapelo has a much greater ability to bond and adhere. Just coat any crack once and the problem is solved.

Use it all over the home

It is perfect for sealing the edges of gas stoves, sinks, sinks, bathtubs and walls. You can also use it to patch cracks between windows, doors, or on the back of an aquarium.

Adheres to all materials

Whether it is a glass, wooden, metal, plastic or plate surface, you will be able to glue this tape anywhere without any problems.

Super easy installation

It is flexible and breaks at 90 ° and is adaptable to all angles, so you can cut it as needed. Simply peel the protective film off the tape and stick it to a clean and dry surface.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

It was great for sealing cracks in my room window.

Sam - Glasgow

A very useful thing that is in my tool bag. I simply keep all surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom perfectly clean and flat.

James - Leeds

The great flexibility of this tape helped me stick it around the curved front of the toilet. Before applying, I heated the tape and area with a hair dryer, and I think that helped a lot too. It was challenging, but it worked better than I expected.

Hannah - Sheffield

Self-adhesive kitchen tape Tapelo

Sufficiently long, wide and resistant tape with the function of beautifying and protecting surfaces and interspaces from liquid!

43.98£ 21.99£

1x  21.99£ /pcs.

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Tapelo is self-adhesive kitchen tape.


PE, PVC + acrylic


3.2 m x 22 mm





43.98£ 21.99£

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