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TaperiorX - See-through door and windows sealing strip

This tape will stop insects, dust, wind, and water from infiltrating through the door cracks. The tape is beneficial for protecting the sliding and glass doors, door bottom, aluminum windows, and shower room...

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A permanent solution for quick repairs

Highly efficient when it comes to noise-reducing for better sleep quality, stops dust breaching, and water leakage from your shower, and makes showers clean and safe.

Applicable on most of the surfaces

You can stick this tape to almost any material with a smooth surface: wood, plastic, metal, glass, ceramic. Close the gaps around wooden or aluminum doors, windows or shower glass.

Withstands humid condition spaces or intense heat

The tape stays firmly in place in the bathroom or kitchen. It will not loosen or peel off, because this durable tape is resistant to moisture or high temperatures.

Keeps doors from swinging open suddenly

This tape increases safety by preventing doors and windows from suddenly opening. This way it will also protect your doors and windows from damage.

Protects wood floor from water or dirt

This way you’ll save yourself time cleaning up hard-to-reach dirt that gets caught in the tiny cracks between the boards. Plus, water will not ruin your wooden floors any more.

Product photo in 360 °

Keeps house temperature optimal

Your house will stay cool in summer and warm in winter! Avoid airflows through cracks under the door with this tape that will save you both energy and money.

No more insects in your house

Prevent insects and rodents from sneaking into the house through the gaps below doors. This tape secures even the tiniest passages.

Made of high-quality silicone - guarantees long-term protection

Tape is 5 meters long and 45 millimetres wide and can be cut into smaller pieces. Remove the safety paper, then stick the tape and enjoy the protected space.

Easy removal process

The tape is easy to install and easy to remove. It does not leave behind any sticky residues after it is taken off the surface. You can use this tape for months and it will not damage any material.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

The tape is easy to use. Adhered to the wall great. We used this tape during summer to prevent mosquitos to enter the room, great thing!

James - London

This tape can be used for thousands of things in-house. It does not leave residue even after being stick for a month.

Holly - Glasgow

Very well packaged. It works great. I highly recommend.

Matthew - Leeds

A friend suggested using this tape on my car window because the rain always leaked. Not even one drop passed through it.

Adam - Liverpool

TaperiorX - See-through door and windows sealing strip

This tape will stop penetration by insects, dust, wind, and water coming through the door. It is beneficial for protecting the sliding and glass doors, door bottom, aluminium windows, shower room...

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Adhesive sealing strip




45 mm


5 m



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