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Tonaily – Nail extension set

Everything you need for perfectly shaped, long nails! Without visiting an expensive salon, you can now upgrade your nails at home.

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Impeccably tidy and well-groomed nails at all times

The set contains professional tools, gel polish and a lamp for amazing results. You can use your nail polish collection and favorite decorations to decorate your nails.

The set is suitable for home and professional use

Whether you are doing a nail upgrade professionally or you still know nothing about it - this set will make your job easier.

Easy to use

In the set you get everything you need to upgrade your nails. It only takes about 10 minutes for perfectly shaped nails. Then you can apply any polish from your personal collection.

It saves money and time

By upgrading yourself at home, you will save money, but also the time you spend in beauty salons. In doing so, the results you get will be just like the professional ones.

Long-lasting and durable nails

Upgraded nails will last you up to 20 days. The artificial nails and adhesives that come with them are strong, firm and durable. It will not betray you even during hours of work or exposing your hands to water.

Product photo in 360 °

Long and strong nails with a glamorous look

With this amazing set you can upgrade your nails yourself. Then apply your favorite polishes and decorate your nails to your taste to achieve a unique look.

Without expensive treatments and beauty salons

Don`t wait for your nails to grow and be messy. From now on, you can fix your nails at home at any time - no appointments, waiting for appointments and paying for expensive treatments.

Forget about peeling and cracking your nails

Your weak and messy nails go into oblivion. Forget about constantly applying a new coat of nail polish, cracking nails and peeling. With this set you will always have well-groomed and flawlessly beautiful nails.

No damage to natural nails

This unique set contains a quality base and finish varnish and glue that will not harm your natural nails. Even when you get tired of the upgrade, you won’t have to hide your ruined nails.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

Finally I always have beautiful nails. It always annoyed me that I have to fix my nail polish every day, and now I know for 2-3 weeks not to think about my nails.

Charlotte - Edinburgh

I hate ordering and sitting in the salon for hours, and I like to have beautiful nails, so this set solved all my problems :))

Lauren - Nottingham

Pleasantly surprised me. Although I had never even tried to upgrade my nails before, I succeeded on the first try. And really, nails look like when they are made by a beautician.

Sophie - Manchester

Practical and beautiful! Thank you.

Chloe - Cardiff

Nail extension set

Everything you need to have perfectly shaped, long nails! Without visit to expensive saloon, now can extend your nails at home 💅 🌟

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Nail upgrade set


1x mini flashlight, 1x USB cable, 1x double-sided tool, 1x file, 1x nail clip, 100x artificial nail in a box, 3x nail gel, 1x nail gel remover, 2x gel polish



Lamp power:

6 W



53.98£ 26.99£

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