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Twistty - Exercise equipment

Combine a relaxing massage and a full body workout with one workout device! Just stand on device and start moving - the results are quickly visible. Materials: ABS, steel ball, magnet

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Enjoy the massage while your body achieves a slimmer figure

Using this equipment for massage and exercise, you can thin your waist, hips, thighs and define your abs. It also massages your feet and relaxes your body.

Exercise your abdominal muscles, legs and arms at the same time

Moving on this massage board will activate whole body. Bring your waist, thighs, arms and belly to perfection, and at the same time treat your feet to a top massage.

10 times more effective than standard exercises

You do not have to perform multiple types of strenuous exercise. All you have to do is moving on this equipment and every muscle will be activated. Results will be visible in minimum time.

Portable design

This exercise equipment is easy to carry and store, you can use it at home or you can take it to the gym. Exercise in nature, home or other place.

Non slip surface

The three anti-slip pads are stable, and foot-shaped design make exercise much more comfortable.

Product photo in 360 °

Great physical results from the comfort of your home

All you need to get a slimmer figure is this massager and the comfort of your home. Exercise while watching TV or listening to music.

Without expensive and exhausting workouts

Forget about expensive workouts, strenuous trips to the gym and exhausting exercises. Now you can be your own coach and achieve top results.

An innovative way of exercising that everyone will enjoy

This is a solution for all those who avoid exercise because it seemed exhausting to them. Even those who encounter the exercise for the first time will enjoy it, because of massaging effect.

A device that is massaging like a professional masseur

The disc will massage and stimulate the meridian points on the bottom of the foot and help you feel rested. You no longer have to visit masseurs, from now you have your own massage at home.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

I watch the series on TV and exercise on Twistty. In fact, now I finally enjoy doing the exercises.

Megan - Bristol

By doing the exercises daily, the results were really visible even after 10 days. It is a great feeling to exercise and at the same time feel a foot massage. I recommend it to everyone who wants to look slim!

Lauren - Kirklees

I use it in nature, or at home while listening to music. In the evening I use it to massage my feet. I feel so much better since using Twistty.

Rebecca - Wigan

Great product, worth recommending

Emily - Sheffield

Twistty - Exercise equipment

Combine a relaxing massage and a full body workout with one workout device! Just put your feet up and start moving - the results are visible quickly.

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Exercise and massage equipment


ABS, steel ball, magnet




28cm x 28cm x 5cm

Supports weight:

up to 100kg



51.98£ 25.99£

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