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XStep Air universal insoles for footwear

The most comfortable insoles in the world for all-day comfort, restful feet and 100% satisfaction!
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Walk like clouds

Don’t give up comfort, but enjoy every step throughout the day. Thanks to XStep Air insoles, your feet will be rested and you will feel like walking on clouds.

They make each shoe 3 times more comfortable

They adapt perfectly to any type of footwear - sneakers, shoes, boots, making them incredibly comfortable. They are suitable for everyday use so you can wear them during sports activities, walking or at work.

Rest feet

Special cushions absorb shocks and give your feet superior comfort and a feeling like walking on clouds or a sandy beach.

No more sweating and unpleasant odors

XStep Air insoles are breathable and allow the feet to breathe. They do not create discomfort and do not irritate the feet, while preventing excessive sweating and the appearance of unpleasant odors, even in closed shoes.

Flexible and durable

They are soft and can therefore be easily cut with scissors. They are made of quality materials so they will not wear out despite everyday wear.

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