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Yingo - Fitness equipment set

This set is like having a personal trainer at home! Strengthen your core, burn calories, and tone your abdomen - without going to the gym! Materials: EVA, metal

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Shape and strengthen the body

A Pilates ring is ideal for balance and posture improvement. It will help you to strengthen the body and shape the curves.

No boredom while exercising

Thanks to the comprehensive set, you will be able to do different exercises every single day. You will not get bored of the same routine and you will not quit easily.

Create your own exercises

Have fun with this work out gear and come up with your own exercises. This way you will enjoy working out at your own pace and achieve results.

Use it whenever and wherever

Office, home, park or trip – it does not matter, you will be able exercise anywhere. The fitness set is portable, light and it does not require any additional equipment.

Helps speed up the recovery

Gentle movement you can perform thanks this equipment will help your body recover faster. Use this practical set to get back into shape.

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Endless possibilities for exercising

In the set there are also yoga belt and elastic bands. This gives you endless possibilities to perform different exercises.

Burn a lot of calories fast

Jumping rope allows you to burn a lot of calories in very little time. A 10-minute program of jumping rope can be as effective as 30 minutes of jogging.

Train the whole body

It is easy to work on your legs or arms or stomach with this set. The set is composed of versatile work out gear which can be used on any body part.

Achieve a good body form on your own

The equipment is super easy to use and you will not need a help of a trainer! You will be able to exercise and shape your body all on your own.

Impressions of satisfied customers!

This set is ideal for anyone who doesn’t like crowded and stuffy gyms.

Holly - Liverpool

We have a small group of guys who train using this set every day. We come up with our own programs and regimes. It is a lot of fun.

Alex - Wigan

The set is exactly what I was looking for a long time. It allows me to work out alone anywhere.

Tom - Kirklees

Fitness equipment set Yingo

This set is like having a personal trainer at home! Strengthen your core, burn calories, and tone your abdomen - without going to the gym!

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A fitness equipment set which allows you to train and shape your body.

The set contains:

1x Pilates ring, 1x jumping rope, 1x resistance rope, 1x yoga belt, 2x elastic band


Gray, purple

Pilates ring diameter:

38 cm



37.98£ 18.99£

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